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In The Conjuring 2, a demon named Valak disguised itself as a nun and showed Lorraine Warren a vision of her husband, Ed being impaled. The demon returned, again disguised as a nun when Ed and Lorraine Warren were investigating paranormal activity at the Hodgson family’s house in England. This womens Conjuring shirt features an image of The Nun that terrorized two families in The Conjuring 2.

Valak was such a powerful demon that it not only disguised itself as The Nun, but also as The Crooked Man. The Nun became such a popular character that it received its own spin-off movies. The Crooked Man then starred in its own movie. Valak is truly the most famous demon in cinematic history!

For any fan of the defiler, the profane, the marquis of snakes, this Womens The Nun Conjuring Shirt is a must have!

Fun fact: In the original draft of The Conjuring 2, Valak was intended to only appear as a dark figure with horns. Only three months before the film was intended to release, director James Wan suddenly had the idea of making the creature a demonic nun that mocked Lorraine’s faith.

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Womens The Nun Conjuring Shirt

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