Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus 120 Soft Chews


Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus 120 Soft Chews


Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus Bite Sized Chews are a highly palatable chicken liver flavored soft chew formula designed to support Immune System Function.

    About the Ingredients

    • L-Lysine is an amino acid that supports antibody, hormone and enzyme production.
    • It also supports collagen formation and tissue repair.
    • L-Lysine competes with L- Arginine which is the amino acid required by the herpes virus to replicate.
    • DMG is an intermediary metabolite (a substance that is rapidly broken down into other vital substances in the body) that is naturally produced by the body in small amounts.
    • DMG provides useful building blocks including methyl groups that support the production of vitamins, hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, nucleic acids, and other metabolically active molecules. Animals produce DMG in small amounts and research indicates that supplementing with DMG enhances oxygen utilization at the cellular level and supports the immune response (antibody and lymphocyte production).

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    120 Soft Chews

    Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus 120 Soft Chews

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