Ant Outworld „Dungeon III“


Ant Outworld „Dungeon III“

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Ant Outworld „Dungeon“

Size: 2x4x2 inches (5x10x5cm)

Our new and improved Ant Farm Outworld Kits come with everything you need to get your ant colony up and running!


  • High quality “ClearView” acrylic outworld for optimal viewing
  • Micro holes for optimal ventilation
  • Removable lid  for easy access
  • Connection ports for extending the setup
  • Easy cleaning for unlimited use
Package contents:
  • 1x foraging outworld
  • 1x cover for outworld
  • 1x connection tubing

Additional information

Include Lightning Module

No, 1 Light Module, 2 Light Modules

Ant Outworld „Dungeon III“

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